Saturday, April 17, 2010

so far.

things have been alright.
only difference is that i have not started studying.
but i've been nerding though. B)

i get sad sometimes. but not as much.
improvement~ :D

hello :) i've missed you

i got really sad when you said:
i feel like a part of my brain that tells me that i'm close to people is gone.

why? :(
sometimes i feel like coming up to you and hug you.
but it's impossible.

you wouldn't want a hug from me.
yea. i'm such a yuck. blueaeek.
why am i so anti-social. i wonder.
it's always about me huh?

this shows how many i's i use in one small post.

i'm so selfish

i wish you didn't ruin my friendship with him.

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