Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i love wednesdays~ :D
cause i don't have extra classes or tuition. :)
gah. this week has been so busy for me. thank God i stopped guitar class.
therefore, i only have art on Monday.
ohmg lah.. i failed add math. :I
so totally not cool man.
my mum keeps nagging me. nag nag nag. my parents are too chinese i suppose. :I
i feel depressed.
because she kept nagging me i didnt have the mood at tuition. :(
i was practically staring off into space. trying hard not to tear up.
crying is not for me.
i don't cry.
i don't talk about my problems.
everybody has problems so why talk about mine? :)

then i thought about the 18th of July 2009.
i was practically running to school because i was gonna be late for concert.
i had two REALLY gigantic blisters at my heels due to those pair of shoes.
thanks shoes. :)
actually, i already had those while i was waiting for you.
do you remember me sitting at the bench waiting for you?

you said you wanted to walk around.
my feet were hurting so bad.
and again thanks shoes. :)
even though my feet were begging me to stop,
i practically walked the entire mall with you.
remember? :)

so yeah, i reached school.
took off my shoes.
thank God we were supposed to dance bare footed.
guess what? i walked home barefooted. :D

im over it.
thanks for the memories. even if they weren't so great.

MSSKL here i come. ;)

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