Thursday, March 18, 2010


yay, we beat KDU! :)

today has been the happiest day for me since 2009.
ahahaha xD

aren't you proud of me hui yi, Te Sheng, Raj, Chadhi? :D
teehee~~~ you people must be the only ones knowing how nervous i was. xD
they weren't as geng as i expected them to be though.
kinda dissapointing,
but there was a girl who could shoot 3 pointers for nuts.
or raisins. :B

wow, she's probably the only player i like
and along with the girl with the orange Paul Frank shirt. she was awesome too :D
they were pretty nice people too.
they smiled at me on my way home :DDD

to "better than you". i know it's you.
stop saying its my fault.
i have my own rights to change.