Sunday, March 21, 2010


Thanks mum for pointing out why Tesco sucks. LOL
everything there is... EXPENSIVE! :(

i guess its in my blood to be a very kiam siap person ;)
tuition was SOOOO BORING. i was literally sleeping with my eyes open.
i should have ponteng-ed today. cause all he did was talk about the hw.
HAHA. omg, school tmr, havn start on my english essays.
have i told you how much i HATE english essays?
i just don't know what to write. :(
i have so much to say in BM, but not in english.
somebody whack me.


had a spontaneous phone call last night.
it's cause HUI YI wanted to hear Te Sheng's voice. ;)
she BLUSHED wei. so adorable :)))
he has the cutest giggle. ;)
no seriously, it was SO CUTE. HAHAHAHAHA. :))))))
unlike joe. XD sorry joe joe dear xD

i overheard their convo just now after tuition. between Tesh, Tun Kai and Ah Tan.
it was seriously weird. but i cant blame them cause they are boys.
they were talking bout joe and smtg bout gang banging him,
then Tun Kai said, " but there's nothing to see also"

HAHA. i seriously wanted to BURST OUT LAUGHING JUST NOW. but then again xD
at that moment i thought of Mock.
he was talking bout how all the upper 6 girls are always taken by the form 5 students

then Mock made some weirdo face of the impersonation of MBS boys when seeing a girl.

just go to MBS School and flick your hair. they'll come running after you~~

OMG, it was so funny wei. xD
i love to laugh.nyum
thats why i love sundays.
its the only day when i feel at home with the world. sigh <3>

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