Saturday, March 13, 2010

end of term 1

wowmamawoozama.... exams went by so fast.
and i didn't really prepare for the exams so... im just really sorry ma, i have failed you.

i remembered something that happened not long ago.
i came back from Maldives,
and i texted you.
i asked you if you missed me.
you didn't reply.

during my birthday, i texted you.
how was deepavali?
you didn't reply.

but when i texted you.
do you still love me.
you had the time to reply me.

i wonder why i have such bad timing.
you've shown me not to trust any boy.
cause all they do is break hearts....
it still hurts,
so much..... do you still read my blog?

elmo and elli sounds wayyy more better than us.

you only texted me after 3 months,
probably because i was going to grease.

sometimes i want to meet you...
i called you last monday.
you never called since 09.09.09.

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