Saturday, March 20, 2010

apology to everyone.

i'm just here to say how sorry i am to my gang.
i've been so emo and so bipolar i havn't been really communicating with everyone since january till now.
so i'm just really REALLY SORRY if you feel ignored or feel hurt at my sudden change of mood.
i'm especially really sorry Xue Fang and Beii-Lynn
cause i've been such a bipolar freak.
thank you Xue Fang for tolerating me
i LOVE you soooo much dear.

i really do love everyone of my friends.
i love hui yi,
i love wee kii,
i love yee theng,
i love XUE FANG,
i love beiis :D
i love foo :D
i love suet tyng <3
i love suan~
i love june ( you give the best hugs in the whole wide world! :D)
i love SAM, :3 (you give the tightest hugs in the world. ILY!!)
i love pei ji
i love chun kay.
i love wee teck.
i love the people who left my life.

i love you all so much. i will give you all a hug on Monday~~~ :D

i hope there's one small part in your heart that you'll be able to forgive this bipolar
crazy mahyun. :(
ily guys~

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