Sunday, December 6, 2009


VBS 2009 : Boomerang Express
moto : Follow, Worship, Live through HIM.
memory verse : 1 John 4:9

this year's deco mostly based on aus.
we had help from Life Chapel! :D

I was in charge of crafts with Joanne and Angeline
it was fun seeing kids struggle with cacat scissors and glue! :))
the kindi class was so CUTE!! :D

but still, my favourtie kid was chan choong.

he was acting as peter while Sebastian was acting as Jesus.

Simon, do you love me?
Simon do you love me?
ya ya ya
simon do you love me?
simon feed my sheep.
ya ya ya

Chan Choong and Sebastian

both of them are 7 yrs old. chan choong has global delay. and he has an ah beng accent! ;)
but he's still so cute! (;
he's cuter in life though,

i owe u guys pics :))

had so much fun this year!!!
cant help out nxt year, having SPM! noooooooooooooooooooooooo

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