Thursday, December 10, 2009

update! :)

hmm, i havn't been updating.
so on the 9th, we celebrated my mum's birthday :)
me and dearest brother shan berg baked a cake for her at 4 in the morning.
it was so so funny.

i was still half asleep while i was baking, so here's the list of accidents :

1. while weighing the sugar, i spilled the whole tub.
2. upon spilling the sugar, the tub landed on the eggs, i broke one.
3. we were blending so hard, we broke the machine
4. i added the flour and milk before adding the eggs.
5. forgot to take out the butter earlier, causing it to be hard, which contributed to the breaking of our blender. nyahaha.

please don't tell mum. :)
but the cake turned out yummy ;)
gonna be leaving on Monday night,hmmm.. bought so much souveniers for them
hope they'll like them. altogether is RM 300 plus. GAH. ):
im gonna starve myself next year. gotta save money! :)

had so many weird dreams about you,
why do you have to haunt my dreams? it makes me emo...
do you still dream about me?

i dreamt about myself sleeping,
you were sitting next to me.
suddenly you moved and i woke up but i couldn't open my eyes.
i didn't want you to leave....
when i felt your hand on my blanket,
i grabbed your hand lightly...
you touched my lips, then...
you kissed me lightly, so lightly i could barely feel it.

then i woke up with tears in my eyes, you were gone.
but you were never there, were you...?

purple teardrops i cry,
loving you is cherry pie...

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