Friday, December 11, 2009

last bball session till 2010

sounds like a long time till i'll play bball.
i was on a shooting spree today :D
so happy! xD

i sure wish Sarankan was a girl in WMS.
then we would surely trash all the girls in our bball tournament. gah.
he's really good you know. what the blubber la, he's a state player for Sri Lankan! ! ! = =

i hope to play more bball with him.
not done packing, going to foo's house tmr for a sleep over.
hmm, i don't even know what time's the flight.
WHY WON'T THEY TELL ME????????????
they still have my passport.
please tell me they do. O.O
my dad made me paranoid lah. noo, why dad why???????

been really addicted to the song 'paparazzi' lately. no! ):
i'm supposed to be anti- lady gaga (nu shen jia jia in chinese though. haha!)
hmm.. i still have phy to do! ;)))))
i actually finished all my hw! :D
with a lil help of course. *wink WINK* HAHAHAHA!

Dreamt bout you last night (again. sigh.)
you were holding me tight.
it's like we were never apart...



no one know's my heart break, do they?

i'm your biggest fan,
i'll follow you until you love me.

promise i'll be kind,
but i won't stop until that boy is mine.

baby you'll be famous.
chase you down until you love me.

your paparazzi

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