Wednesday, November 4, 2009


today, form 4s went to the zoo.
i hated the stinking zoo negara.
it really stank literally.
went there for peka, but they made us play some stupid hunt game.
friggin retarded i tell you.

i have said the word 'retarded' 14 times today,

5 times in the zoo,
9 times during and after school hours.
the zoo really is such a sad place ):
set them free!!!!!
they need the wild.... )':

i was emo-ing in the bus.
in the zoo.
and on the way back to WMS.
even Kay had to whack me in the head to clear my thoughts. thanks kay.
i was friggin emo, but still i couldn cry.
it's been... 5 days?
throughout this relationship, i must have been the only one trying.
i've been giving thought,
why didn't i back away? o.O
i hate myself. meh. ==
should i tell him? that im not able to cari him on the 7th?
or should i just leave him there waiting... hmmm.. :) evil? i don't think so.
but surely, whoever reads this,
don't tell him about me.
especially where im going during december. HAHA.
i guess i'll just have to ignore him till im over him :D

even aaron tells me to stop kacau-ing him.
when will this nightmare end?
i really don't wanna be emo anymore.....................

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