Friday, November 6, 2009

petaling street?

is petaling street chow kit? o.O
(beii and my question.)

today, me and beii ponteng school in the morning to go to petaling street. ( we have purpose! )
my feet hurt lah.
4 hours of walking in search of chinese fans.
worth it?
i don't know... ):
we reached Pasar Seni at 7.45 liddat, everything still not opened
except for a few flower and fruit shops.
so we went to McDonalds at 8 smtg, while beii ate her Mc Sausage bun (same like foo.. weird.)
we saw some one grooming himself at McDs, and another stealing left over coffee which was left by some buff looking ang mohs. wahh o.o
after her meal, as we stepped out of McDs,
it started to pour.. o.O
beii, being cat-ish, didn't like the rain. :p
so sucky la, a lot of shops are like closed down for renovation. ==

so we walked around petaling street for more that 2 to 3 times.
even stopped by to a pet store to kacau kacau. :)
no pics, my camera low battery ):
it was a very sad thing to see 8 cats in one cage ):
poor grey cats, siamese cats and fluffycats ):
you poor little things..... sniifff..
the dogs there were so CUTE. T_T
there were 5 huskies in the shop, and peking dogs and some other breed.
was it shitzhu? o.O cannot remember.
the peking dogs looked EXACTLY like the lion from lion dance.
so CUTE.. xD
their feet are so short and stubby,
friggin cute. x)

so in total, we walked into about 15 shops, but only found 2 that sold dancing fans.
in the 1st shop, they only sold pink fans for RM 6
while in the second shop, they sold red, green, pink and orange fans at RM8.

so, being money minded,
we chose the 1st option :)
note : both shop's fans are of the same quality and cacatness.

so we go back to school,
almost 11 liddat la..
our feet were sore.. xD
Leo carnival looked awesomely fun today,
maybe i'm getting a lil older, not wanting to be part of the fun. HAHA.
Japanese ppl coming next week!
dance 1/4 in progress..
what to do? (beii's quote)

If you're reading this beii,
i love you :)

hope to do this again soon with you! ;)

(random leh?)

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