Thursday, November 26, 2009


have not yet done homework. o.o
and im leaving in 2 weeks. oh gosh, why is time passing so so fast?
surely, God is coming soon. :))

been doing VBS props for the past few days,
hope Carmen will upload the photos on FB soon! :D
only 8 people helped so far,
thank God we have people like Aaron.
he's FUNNY xD

but i sure wish that more people would come to help. ):

Something to smile about:
today while we were praying, Carmen said:
'thank you God for guiding us'
then her message ring tone rang : ' aaaaaaahh'
(so cute! :D)

You and me - life house
is the

prom dance song for me :))

cause it's you and me
and all other people...

does he still think about me...?

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