Wednesday, November 18, 2009


recently have been addicted to the song 'Gee'
by Girls Generation.

gah, this is why i stopped listening to 'pop' related music. :(

if you didn't know, i used to be into japanese pop, until i fell in love with emo. :D

the week was boring, had net ball and hand ball.
im PROUD of my class handball team. :)
we almost beat P class.
it was a tie at first, then joey scored. making it a 3-2 end result.
i love 4K :D

apologies to those i hurt, i decided to play rough.
it's actually fun. teehee. sorry!

the week is ending, school's ending. this sucks.
SPM next year!! )':
i still don't know how to drive D:
im still struggling with Phy and my mood swings.

i've gotta make 2009 worthwhile i guess :)
time is running out.

it's funny,
how i'll be spending my new years in a foreign country for the 2nd time.
how i've never celebrated 'Valentine's Day' with a love one for 3 years.
how i've lost the ability to socialize with my best friend.
how time can change a person.
how i've never noticed how matured everyone's starting to look.
how i've never noticed the way you've smelt. (incense and soap?)
how i've never noticed how your smile lights up my day.
how i've never noticed that when you're sad, it crushes me.
how i'm spending christmas alone this year.
how long it'll take for me to get over you.
how much i've missed your hugs.
how much i miss your jokes and stories.
how much i miss all the times we've spent together in tuition.
how much i missed your singing when you sat next to me in class.
how much i missed our kindi days.
how much i miss ponteng-ing school with my best buddies :)
how much i miss being skinnier, lol.
how much i'll miss you
how much i miss the old you...

(guess your colour! :D)

people i've listed : hui yi, chun kay, xue fang, prthiv, anisha, wee teck, foo, beii, loong
slowly guess ba!

if you want answers you can cari me, but i probably won't tell you a few. xD
3rd class party tomorrow. bwahahaha! :)
no 4th?

all the best to those with SPM! :)
i'll miss you Loong

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