Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3rd of november :D

today was tiring.. HAHA
i pontenged school with Foo till it was 10 at PWTC.
it was awesome :)
but the zhadao thing was that i was waiting for her upstairs while she waited for me downstairs
at the LRT station.
both of us were thinking, why she FFK me???? HAHAHA
my phone died upon arrival at PWTC. eeep

moving on,
had Auntie Anne's for breakfast. i felt myself gain weight. HAHA
Foo had Mc Sausage for breakfast. teehee..
she thought that eye :Dentity was a cute name for an eye wear shop.
i thought she meant identity, but she said that it was the smiley. (lol)
every where we jalan, people looked at us. HAHAH!

we practically lepak-ed the whole PWTC mall. all 5 floors, even the one below.
and thus, Foo concludes that we were always meant to be lepak buddies.
too bad beii didn't tag along ):
after an hour long of lepak-ing,
Parkson opened at 9 am.
haha! the first thing that caught my eye was nail polish by 'Bloop!'
it was pretty... shiny.. :D
9.90 per bottle, buy 2 free one.
i wanted to buy, but i bo lui
so we lepak-ed some more la! and i bought candy. mmm.. :)
if you didn't know, i like candy,
that is why i am fat.

moving on,
we reached school at 10.30.
and no, we didn't get caught until Mr Balan called.

yes sir?
why come so late.
car broke down.

Mr Balan and foo

she was so calm. and it's pretty hard to believe she was lying.
ahahaha! note that there were 8 teachers eating breakfast in the canteen
i feel naughty. ):

so as time slowly bleeds,
it was time for bball.
results of 4K :

against M --> we won without trying. they didn't show up!
against C--> lost ( 2 - 6)
against L --> draw (2-2)
against W --> draw (2 - 2)
against P --> lost (2 - 4)

pretty proud of my class. ;D
the basket ball boys are awesome. HAHA. so awesome ;D

the sad part of today's bball was that all 4 games were held today.
me ( the no stamina girl ) was practically breathless at the end of every game.
and i fell down today, so embarrasing. ._.
face down. ouch. sakitnya.
no worries, only cuts and bruises on hands and knees
but ah well, the pain lets me know that i'm alive :D
and the scars let me know that i played bball for 4K'09 !

moving on,
i am friggin proud of 4K volleyball girls! they won 3 matches and lost 1, 1 more to go!
teehee.. hui yi, if you're reading this, you did great :)

speaking of moving on,
i think i should start moving on,
maybe it is God's will that i should never ever see you again.
walking with Foo today,
made me realize that i won't be seeing you on the 7th of november,
i realized that i needed to be some where else.

falling down today,
i realised that through my pain, i was able to smile and say that i'm okay..

Ishwer said some thing sweet today,
he said :

Girls shouldn't be emo,
It takes away their beauty...

and guess what,
maybe he's right.

i loved you 60-40

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