Saturday, October 24, 2009

post exam and depressemo (caution: emo post. don't read)

every class has a jersey.. hmm..
all form 1 classes have a jersey... hmmm... how uncool man..

our class? PJK shirt yo ;)

been really really hard core emo.. the kind where you get so emo
you find it hard to talk or look at some one in the eye
or when you're too emo to cry.

It's partially cause i'm a girl and because of some other stuff
and because he hasn't bothered replying me.
it sucks la.
and here, i have a friend that gets o see his gf everyday but complains to me
about why she doesn come cari him.

i get it ok? it hurts, but you wanna be me? :)
but i can't complain.. it's not my fault he's always so busy..
just five minutes everyday would be nice, but i guess he doesn't have that sort of time.
since he's got school, dance classes, band practice and other stuff.

i've got tons of books that i wanna burn. but i can't (SPM)
got tons of memories i wanna look back on.
i'm losing my ability to socialize. it's like 2007 is coming back to haunt me... crud.
i'm gaining weight due to comfort eating and lazy-ness to exercise.
i'm being ungrateful. (tssk tssk, bad christian!)
i'm being a meanie
i keep thinking of cutting myself. i dunno why, ==

i am that emo ok? HAHA
no play play man...

i need you today,
but i guess you don't need me.......

(sorry if anyone reads this, you'll get emo too)

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