Saturday, October 31, 2009

last night

didn't even get an answer.
i tried to call..
but you hung up.

i'm so depressed......
i really wish i could take back what i said,
didn't think before i told him goodbye.
stuff i wanted to say :

1. is it that hard?
2. why won't you say yes or no?
3. i'd cut myself for you..
4. i'm barely breathing at the fact that you're leaving my life for ever
5. can i do anything to make it right again?
6. i love you

ah, but i guess it's over now..
goodbye my lover
goodbye my friend
you have been the one
for me.

can i hold you for one last time?
i need to feel you close to me..
i need to know that you're ok..
i know you won't read this.
so why am i still here?

i'm barely breathing,
barely holding on to you.....

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