Friday, September 25, 2009

things i did

during this whole week :)
things i've done.

1. do hw
2. sleep
3. eat
4. emo
5. watch tv
6. study [doesn count as hard core studying. meh.]
7. helped out at eicc
8. got insomniac due to excess tea intake. :D
9. nap
10. watched a whole lot of random vids
11. went for a wedding thing
12. straightened hair
13. skipped basketball for a week [ nooo ]
14. caught up with say loong :)
15. sms-ed hui yi the most. waaah..
16. being stoned
17. playing 'crazy planets' for an hour on face book. not healthy xD
18. still hasn't figured out how to download videos.
19. kacau-ed my sis
20. attended MBS-s mooncake festival thing
21. have not made any new friends. (awww...)
22. waited by the phone
23. got compliments about my hair :)
25. balik-ed kampung
26. made my grandparents smile :)
27. fell in love with 'the misadventures of flapjack'
28. missed my friends and elmo
29. had a staring contest with a cat
30. procrastinated on her moral! NO. [not yet done]
31. went over to aunts house for her open house.
32. finally conclude that i cannot run.
33. craved for chocolate
34. gained weight. gah.
35. didn't get bored. :D

i feel like all my friends are growing up without me....
it's like the feeling where
you finally let go...

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