Saturday, May 9, 2009

suatu hari nanti

suatu hari nanti,
saya akan datang dan makan kamu.

[not lyrics, just being random ]

hehe.. concert practice is weird. :D
we finally got guys, 10% of them are not what we want.
HAHAHA. i shall not mention names. xD

exam's next next week.
mothers day tomoro.

so much to doo @_@ T_x
aihh..... :[
is it me or is co-curriculum night a dumb idea?
oh come on!
computer club? doing something "cool" HAHA.
power point presentation? wii competition? o.o O.O *help..*
gimme a break la.. [ah well, it's coming in the coming 3 weeks.] xD

lalalalalong lalalalalalong long lee-long long time to go.. HAHAHA =D
thank God, wee teck is my dance partner ! :]
that's a positive part to think about... xD
i hope no one come to me and complain about the dance..
you wanna complain go cari beii or chun kay ok? =D
im not the choreographer ;)

heard a song just now, so nice... =D [around the 80s era i think..]

love is like oxygen,
you get to much you get too high,
not enough and you're gonna die.
love gets you high..

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