Sunday, May 31, 2009

jamie's party

Jamie's party was....
okay? =D
enjoyed my self there.
Thanks for the invite mate. it surely was a very very weird party.. muahaha. x)
(flash back)

me waiting for hui yi at Tasik Selatan to get the LRT to PWTC.
it is seriously very very disturbing that people start staring at you when you're wearing a skirt that's above your knees.. ==

upon reaching PWTC,
it started drizzling.

eh.. how to go?? o.O
she said keep going right!
but after right then what???!
uh.. she said maroon coloured apartment.
*run run run*
oh my gosh my shoes are killing me.
you didn wear socks ah?!

me. hui yi.

upon reaching her house we went to the 2nd floor to find people screaming.

where is it?
(sniff sniff)
here here here. ahah. we're here! smells like satay! nose never lies ;D

saw wee teck, jason liew and yen wen immediately.

wee teck! your tie is so nice!
thank you.
you guys wearing the same shirt!
yea yea. we are twins. no need to cross dress cause we are trans.

wee teck me

so we all went up to jam's house,her house is pretty big,
her room is also very big ;D
her dog was so so sosososososo cute and fluffy, made me think of candy floss! n.n

so me and hui yi were sitting on the couch "ladadeeduming"
while the guys were playing i-pod touch
and the other girls giggling in the room.
anti social eh? o.O

so then we went down again to makan.
(not bad caters jamie)
suan was obssessed with the satay! xD
so adorable man that woman. [suan]
every one looked so pretty. i felt so casual. Hhhhahaha
everyone was wearing a dress[girls] except for me and hui yi. and sam. and wee kii.

i shall continue this next time. cause im getting emo again thinking about it.
muaaaaaaaaaaahah, ;(

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