Wednesday, April 29, 2009

walaupun saya suka makan sotong.

karangan saya selalu terpesong,
hatiku sudah dipotong.
walaupun saya suka makan sotong,
[cant remember.. o.o]

this was by san yap btw, for the sajak thing puan anelyza forced us to do.

i don't know why but my colour box sudah hilang.
so everything is like in black and white! HAHA =D

oh no.. something is wrong with my blog. what ever will i do?
[imagine this being said by madam Sarah]
hehe. Suan you imitate for me ok?

back to reality.
me and beii are still

looking for mucho macho guys to join our dance..
we need about 7-8 more!
come on guys! do it for the concert!!
i seriously need a new blog man.. ==

our dance is the 1st dance! =D
kinda afraid. cause im
so stiff. Malay dances are suppose to be softt....
my foot la.. sooftttt ==

i like this pic! =D
its perttyyyyy.... but it makes me kinda emo though.. it was the only pic of me in sports day in my entire 4 years in wms. HAHA.. farneyyy xD

i dare you to move..

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