Friday, April 3, 2009

close to you

just like me, they long to be
close to you

yesterday, a bunch of korean people came to WMS.
and why am i typing in italic? o.O nyaaaaaaa ]

they are a bunch of good singers! =D
they really REALLY amazed me.
what amazed me the most was:

1. me forgetting that korean guys are actually really adorable [sighhhh xD]
2. the pastor has HUGE biceps :D

HAHA!! the pastor's speech was really really
i bet many people teared when he was praying the sinners prayer.
praise the LORD! got ppl accepted Christ into their hearts. that made me feel so

teeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeee :]
and i actually bought a CD.. not bad what! that guy is so cute.. nyaaaaaaaaa xD
by the way, how do you cure mood swings?
i really need a cure, cause i get emo super fast and i just get stoned.
really STONED.
like the "thinker" like that :]
maybe it's cause of stress? o.O
and have you heard the song "the littlest things" by Lily Allen?
song... D:

it'll make you cry if you've been that in love before.. awww =[
it makes me feel emotionless. :D

to chun kay.

and have i told you lately that i miss you?
we used to be the best of friends,
and i'd call you in the middle of the night
without letting my mama know.
we'd share stories and secrets, held each other together when we were breaking.
but you've changed,
changed by time and maybe by hormones? o.O
you became cold and hard
not like your warm old self.
leaving me when i needed you the most,
leaving me with just fragments of our little friendship.
even if we can't be friends anymore,
i just want you to know that
i really did care for you.

but we can't go back
because you can't go back being who you've once been...

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