Tuesday, March 17, 2009

story books

haha.. just finished a story book
" my sister's keeper" it is one of the saddest books i've ever read.
why yuen xin WHY????? why did you borrow me that book?
why did ANNA die but not KATE? why???????????? O_O

but i recommend this book for people with a tender heart :]

now im reading another book about conjoined twins..
oh my gosh why do i have this interest in reading how sad other peoples lives are? D:
but there's this sweet part!! oh my gosh so sweet.. between uncle stash and aunt lovey:

"you". It's what uncle stash and aunt lovey said to each other, perfect in its singularity, throughout their whole married life. It meant "i love you", and it other such powerful cliches.
You are everything to me.
I've been so worried about you.
I'd die if anything happened to you.
I'm sorry if i've hurt you.
You have made my life.

uncle stash also called aunt lovey " moja mila" which meant " my darling "

awwwwwwwwwww.. so sweet right? :D

he's moja mila to me xD

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