Sunday, March 15, 2009


holidays.. ah screw it la..
having so much of hw, so little time to do NOTHING! is that what you call a holiday?
for me the answer would be NO la..

putting that aside,
yesterday i went for my cousin's birthday! such a cute boy! :D
little Eugene:

he had a birthday party at KFC
so cute and spoilt man this kid >:x
it makes you feel old when you see a bunch of 4 year olds runnung around..

the funniest part of that day was when they were putting candles on the cake for eugene

Joshua! don't play with my candles!
I'm not joshua...

eugene and some random boy.

me and hui yi were laughing our heads off..
ah.. you little homosapiens.. xD
so much cuteness in one small package.. lol-ness man..
and i was doing a tag on fb yesterday

weird things..
will you ever get married?
answer : good bye my lover [james blunt]


what will you post this as?
answer: always be my baby [david cook]

bah.. funny weird answers.. try it! :D

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