Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines day :]

shall i compare thee to a summers day,
let me count the ways.
[maybe not here]

today, WMS had a jogathon which i was dying to skip. [but i didn. AHAH! im such a good girl =D]
it was pretty depressing seeing so MANY ppl running past me [ no stamina girl]
but thank you THANK YOU GOD for sending xue fang to me =D
she was my teman hehe.. =D

so we were practically walking, complaining, jogging, laughing, gasping for air, complaining somemore. u get the point yea?

the funny part was how i kept muttering under my breath:
"crap, why is poisollah faster than me!!! o.o "

and xue fang follows:
"i dunno la"

and i continue:
"we must BEAT HER!!"

this happened for about 5 times i tell you.
she still beat us to the finishing line.
Dear God, where do you grant ppl this awesome stamina?
it's scary how i cant run.. im the slowest pig in my group of friends =D

sad thing that little foo got 5th D:
she almost got 4th :D
and the weird thing bout today was that no form 4s won anything larh..

and Prthiv came today! of all wonderful days, why the day with me in it?
it was awkward.. D:
its kinda sad that we never got the chance to talk and stuff :D
at least he has Aaron and Eric and maybe that Siva girl whatever la =D

i find that Siva girl has really really beautiful eyes.
the kind of eyes that you would wanna stare in it for ever.
the kind of eyes that are like stars =D
there are ppl who have eyes that tells their emotions
example: chunkay
no matter how he smiles [fake or real] you can see a whole lot of sadness in his eyes.

you cant see what's in my eyes.
the window to my soul is closed =D
i have that talent to pretend. so be careful! =D

ah well, happy valentines day to all you couple ppl or single xD
i shall spend tonight brainwashing myself
that "us" was just a fragment
of my imagination.

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