Friday, February 20, 2009

19 2 09

yesterday was weird, sensational, depressing and hyper - ful xD

its all arranged backwards.
all started with hyper.
i remember me making a quote:
" i should seriously be the one wearing the pants around here!"
Break was seriously panas like a microwave *radiation* xD

then it went to depressing when i went up to the 3rd floor
and saw prthiv's kiss mark on the locker.
[apparently it's still there and no one bothers to wipe it off HAHA]
it brought me back to 19.07.08.. oh nooo.. dont bring me there again D:

then came sensational when some guy named Enoch
came to WMS to play piano for us to hear,
this guy here,
is an indian from U.S. who started piano at the age of 13 =D
he was awesome i tell you =D

lastly was weird and disturbing.. o.O
after the assembly thing,
kheng yew starts singing high pitch like Christine Dae.
he was singing " you sang to me " <-- smtg like that
from Phantom of the Opera which was sung by Christine..

and he starts talking in a seriously highhh pitched voice.. ==
funny boy..
he's the only one making me laugh in scool right now..
everything's gotten too

as quoted " why so serious? =D let's put a smile on that face"

25 days starts now. xD

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