Tuesday, December 9, 2008

another tag,,, ==

*1. Those who get tagged must answer the question about themselves.
*2. At the end of the post, tag 10 people except the person who tagged you(tagger).
*3. Continue this game by sending to other people.(refer to rule No.2)

Time: 18:01
Name: Tzi-Qing
Age/Birthday: 15, 17-10-every year
School: WMS

Elder sisters: NONE
Younger sisters: sadly one.. :(
Elder brothers: 2
Younger brothers: no! [lucky me.. yes yes!! hahaha]

Favourite liquids[drinks]: uh.... milk! :D
Favourite consumables[food]: I.C.E.-.C.R.E.A.M.
Favourite place to sleep: THE BED.. LIKE DUH

Flying?: if i can then ya la
Swimming/Diving?: swimming.. diving hurts,, x.x

How much friends in MSN?: 144
Couple?: blah
Loved ones?: everyboday

Get kicked on the butt: i'll kill those hu try.. [INCLUDING EVERYONE]
Allergic?: my self.. xD
nah.. rarely hungry :]

Whole fortune: heaven :D
Age of marriage?: 25-35
Children wanted?: [shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]
Age of death?: up to God
Animals in house?: does fish count? cause theres 1..2...3....4..5..6... uh........ @_@

Longest fingernail ever kept: o_O WHAT?

Wanted birthday present : the ability to fly

Q: In your dream, a god tells you that you are a billionaire in your dream world and gives you a wish. What would you wish for?
A: I wish to be with my loved ones forever.

10 persons to tag :
1. hui yi
2. jun kuang
3. anisha
4. wei joe [COUGH]
5. vimal
6.suet tyng
8. you
9. maybe my fish
10. bergy! :D

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