Thursday, December 4, 2008

1st day of VBS

i'm really sorry joe if i've abandoned my blog for 2 whole months.. LOL
so here's a post dedicated to you? =D
i'll do the tags later this week or smtg.. hehhehe wait ar suet tyng and hui yi! ;D

today was the first day of VBS and
me, carmen, kk and tim were in charge of snacks..
ahahah!! you should have seen the faces of the little ones.. :D
[asking for more donuts *cough cough*]
ah yea........... today was tiring.. :D
but at least it was a succes if you ignore the water spilling and the lack of donuts.... xD

and yes, if you wanna know what i've been up to the whole holidays.. here's my schedule:

wake up
brush teeth
mop floor
play piano
eat lunch
play comp [ HAHA ]
eat dinner
watch tv [2 hrs]

it's so ORGANIZED i tell you??!!?!?!
and those of you doing your novel hw things... oh gosh i'm not even started yet???!?!
^ ^
and who ever wants to come join my church's christmas dinner,
you're all very the welcome! =D

see?? ask and it shall be given to you!

*ps : and joe if you're reading this, pls come for Christmas k? xD

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