Saturday, October 18, 2008


17th October 2008

ahaha............. this is a 2 day late post bout my "birthday"............
let's just imbas kembali [flash back] to 7 :15 in the morning~! =D

the 1st person to wish me in school was Anisha..

Anisha: hey!
tzi: hey.......
Anisha: your birthday's tomorrow right???
tzi: uh............................... it's like.. today.......
Anisha: OH..OH!!! sorry!!!!!!!! happy birthday!! :] i mixed up your birthday with my other friend's birthday.. which is tomorrow.. SORRY!!!
tzi: it's ok.... =D

my birthday wasn that bad... after the Geo papers we went off to MV [midvalley]
oh ya! i gave elmo a really REALLY big hug.... :[ (tzi misses elmo)
getting back to topic, we sat the KTM there..
seeing Ho Li Sheng there at the KTM was like.............. WHOA!

ho: i'm WASTING my time being with you ppl!
[THAT'S what li sheng told shi khai... ==]

skip skip skipping to the part where we reach MV.. :D
they all had lunch in the food court...
we actually met joe and coorperation there! o_O
me, hui yi, June and Sam were having really random conversations...
one of them were about nasi kandar...
and it lead to smtg..

tzi: the few people in my life that i think are really interesting are Jamie, Prthiv and Sam!
june: Sam??
tzi: yea.. she's really interesting!!!
sam: what? WHAT??? what she say???????????
June: too bad Sam.. that's a once in a life time opportunity!
sam: tell meeeeeee!!!!
June: once in a life time!! :D

but we told her in the end la.. LOL
ehehe.... ticket price was like RM 91!!! [ wee teck told me] :D
the movie was ok la............ but it's not my type of movie..
i think this movie would really suit wei joe.. am i right?? :D
he'd be drooling over all the hot girls in the movie.. LOLz...........
[ no offence joe if you're reading this :D ]
after the movie, we went 2 the tinker [loo or toilet if you preffer.. LOL]
me and hui yi met wif joe and jing en there! it was awkward..........
seeing ppl u noe in the toilet. . . . . . . . ==

i was actually freaking out tat i had 2 sit the KTM wif hui yi on our own
[note: i and hui yi dont know how 2 sit KTM]
ya.. so listening to beii talking about sitting the ktm blablabla...
the only words i heard in my head was
"oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! sit to putra uh......................"
lolz... i panick but it doesn show on my face.. ahahaha!
so we eventually got really wet on the way home cause we were crossing streets in the heavy
pouring rain.. ><
and ya.. that's about it!

list of ppl who were the first to wish me! :

1. my grandmama
2. bergy
3. chun kay [!]
4. Prthiv [!]
5. Say Loong [!]
6. Jing en [!]
7. sarah [?]
8. hui yi [?? <3]
9. anisha [xD]
10. beii and gang [ :D]
11. Ruo rong
12. wei joe [???????????]
13. hou thin a.k.a. mr nia [ o_O]
14. lin yao [:)]
15. my parents
16. jing en????????????????????????????????????? o_o

ahahah.. but prthiv was the 1st 2 gimme a present.. =D
[ i <3 it btw]

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Robert said...

Happy Belated Birthday~ Sorry for the late greeting. Forgot to greet you during basketball also. Sorry Crystal~~~~~~~~