Friday, August 15, 2008


i'm so emo.... D:

[prthiv.. sobz]

my best friend's leaving.. LEAVING!
he's my elmo... :[


main things we'll miss about prthiv:
1. his hyperness (sigh)
2. his smile (siiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhh)
3. him not being with chun kay (SIGGHHHH)
4. his tap/modern dancing-ness (and again i say SIGH)
5. his jokes (oh my gosh! siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhh)
6. him not being there in GREEN house next year. o_o (woah johnny... ==)
7. him not being there with us at the back of class talking [ anisha, chun kay, me]

i have to say that i'll MISS you (prthiv)
so MUCH!! :[
we had so much fun.. sigh.. and it's gonna end soon....
why do you have to be so smart.. hahahhaa.. xD

sigh.. im so emo... x_x
help me...... :[

You leaving is like
the sun stopping it's nuclear reactions.....

1 comment:

tim said...

:) he sounds like a cool friend to have