Saturday, July 12, 2008


yay! :]
i've returned to happy land! :D
i've been pretty happy lately.. Thank you GOD.. :D
aiyer.. concert next week.. O_O
feel so.. unprepared.

eh.. the costume is GREEN??!?
really ar mdm? o_o

-mdm ewe and me-

oh my gosh.. y is "Going to the chapel" costume GREEN???
It's like supposed 2 be like.. WHITE..
at first mdm Sara was all..

It's gonna be Lilac! and u guys gonna have a veil!!!
yes yes..

-mdm sara and dancers-

wow.. all the dissapointment is getting to me..
and me doing lisan in front of some guy from jabatan pendidikan?!?!?!
ME??? O_O
i'm still in trauma here.. hello? ding dong... reality check.. x_x
why do they like my nama so much ar?
sighs.. ==
so angry with them larrrr....
if i had the remote control from "Click" the movie,
i'd slap that guy till he loses consciousness.. LOL..
this is so not like me but i really
REALLY have a strong urge to do that...

some how falling down helped me 2 revive my childhood.. HAHA
am i weird or what? =]

seeing him makes me think of sunsets
because it was the first time we've met.

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