Friday, May 16, 2008


today we had bm and moral..
i was so stressed that my nose bled.. LOL
ain't that weird?

i think i'm gonna ace my moral!
i studied so hard.
And with the help of God, there is no way that i cannot ace moral.

ahah ahah ahah! i deleted the last 2 blogs coz they were emo
that you have never ever read something this emo..
so i deleted it so it wont get and pollute your heads.

yesterday, suan said the funniest thing.. well.. it's lame that it's funny!
we were talkin bout show and tell, bringing your animals to school.

student: hey madam! take a look at my gold fish!
teacher: but.... it's like not in water!
student: i KNOW!!

And something Suan told me made me go "Bahahahah"
-note: if i go "bahahaha" it means i'm totally amused-

you know what happened in the canteen just now?
what happened?!
I threw my cup into the dustbin!
-me & suan-

If you want more details.. you SHOULD WAIT and wait for suet tyng
she remembers everything like it was a second ago..
she's like a LIVING JOURNAL!

nyways.. i'm running out of memories to talk about so..

<3: future optimistic