Saturday, April 19, 2008


I missed sports day.. :[
I caught Anisha's sore throat which lead to a fever and ended with a terrible head ache..
and he told me that he wanted 2 sit side by side on sports day.. LOL

I miss my friends.. Lol :]
i've been sitting around the house moping today.. LOL
i sure use a lot of 'lols' for this blog eh?
the truth is.. deep down a part of me is dying. . .

yesterday while i was feeling so cold my mom still insisted me to go for math tuition.. [ i suck at math fyi]
my dad sent me to tuition lo..
while sitting in the car.. my dad told me something....

这个是the last goodbye
你比比看你三个月前看过的uncle和现在看是很 different..
uncle的病不能 heal ar?
. . . . .
哦.. . . . .


and i just sat there crying my eyes out..... =[
I dun wanna lose him....

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