Monday, March 10, 2008


today is teusday.. = =
It's Beii Lynn's birthday.. oh yay...
i seriously have ntg to say.... hahahahhaha..
It's been a real loonng time since i touched this blog.. xD
*sarcastic laughs*
I hate blogging.. do you hate blogging?
i have no idea why i'm doing this rubbish... xD

am I too young to go for medical check up? no right???
mom: you must be the youngest person to go for medical check up....
me: whatever la..

Doctor said i injured my tendon..
it's been like this since last year. mom wouldn let me see a doctor...
mom: aiya.. your leg pain put muscle cream la...
me: o_O

now i hafta wear a knee guard.. hooray.... -note i'm being sarcastic-


now he talks to me through e-mails.. because of him i deleted my 1000 over mails.. hahaha.. =]
it felt nice to know he still exists...

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