Thursday, January 31, 2008


Federal Territory day! =]
this morning was kinda like a havoc. . .
my mom scold my bro coz he came back at 11 pm.. Lawl..
my dad THREW away my 2 basketballs.. saying: "spoil already laa!!!"
me:"no la.. need 2 pump oni.... =["
dad:"*tears out the basketball skin..* i'll buy you a new one k?"
me:" *traumatised* ok. .. . "

dad cleans closet full of shoes and junk.. he takes out a few of my mom's shoes..
dad:"ask mom if she wants these shoes"
asked mom.. she said:" yes i want.. can just like repair the shoe la.. dun throw away"

before dad left he threw the shoes into unused paint.. = =
mom was laughing and saying:"you'll pay!!!"

then she sees my brother :"I dun wanna see you face!! GO AWAY!!!"
me:" O_O"

after a while..
mom: you wanna follow go mega mall???
me: no.. my legs hurt from basketball.. =[
mom: go laaa!! Don't be so lazy.. >=(
me: DON'T want laaa!!! ><
mom: *scold me*
me: = ="

mom left for my sis a while ago and i'm sitting here updating my lifeless blog.. Lol
sigh.... =[
i'm sad..

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