Saturday, November 10, 2007

happiest day of 2007

hey ppl........ x)
i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
HAPPY today..
today is 10-11-07 which is Suan Yean's birthday!
today, me and hui yi reached to MV around 11:45 and we called suan yean..
me: hey suan! happie birthday!! where are YOU?
suan: uh.. you there yet?
me: yea!! me and hui yi are out side of the movie theater
suan: whoa.. you people are SO early.. do u noe where is Secret Recipe?
me: uhh............. i DUNNO
Suan: kk.. u guys wait there.. i'll be there at 12

Fast forwarding time.. we waited for AMANDA who was and was at the toilet.. *lol*
then Chun Kay appeared and said: HI! happy birthday suan!
so all 7 of us went 2 secret recipe.. While Sam waited for 30 minutes for us outside the movie theater and called us and finally arrived at secret recipe..
At secret recipe....
me: sweet~... it says "Reserved"

so they took out the cake.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Chocolate banana cake..
so we wait.. and wait for THE lighter to light the cake and the knife to CUT the cake.. but nooo
no one bothered to bring the lighter.. so some one had 2 personnaly ask.. i 4got hu asked..
anonymous: eh! where's the lighter?? O_O and could u like bring some plates and a KNIFE?

Suan Yean has a video on how Amanda sang the birthday song.. hehe it loooooked so FARNEY
i was supposed to record the cutting of the cake.. i didn noe where the play button was.. so Suan Yean cut the cake jor.. so suan yean said:
Suan: did u get the video?
me: huh? how 2 record
Suan: HAHA!!!
Chun Kay: Retake!!
*suan presses the play button*
*i recorded the retake of the cake cutting scene*
yea yea.. it was preetttyyyyyyy hilarious.. after a while Kheng Yew came along..
why was he late?
Reason: the train got problem and he waited there for an hour then his mom came by 2 pick him up and sent him 2 MV..
before Van lynn came........ you noe what the guys did??
It was horrible! they put some of suan yean's drink (some kind of soda) and added 5 packets of white sugar, 3 packs of brown sugar and 2 packs of creamer.. O_O
i was all like : "Don't do it!! Creamer causes brain damage....... ><"
but they IGNORED me.. sighs.. and they gave it to Foo..
gasp.. she was like O_O when she drank it!! i was horrified..
but she was ok.. luckily she drank one small sip.. phew... XD
on the way to the movie.. we were walking aimlessly..
Sam decided to take a Gay picture of Kheng Yew and Chun Kay..
it was shocking.. LOL

we went to a shop called "the room" we saw the largest pack of cards we've ever seen.. it's bigger than the palm of one's hand

after that we went 2 the R studio to get volleyball for chun kay.. some ppl chipped in to pay for a present which was a basketball.. a small one.. XD
so we went for the movie which was called "Stardust"
hui yi bought like one large pop corn and one large coke.....
me, hui yi and Chun Kay shared the popcorn.. XD
And you noe waht?
i CAN'T believe that hui yi bought that large coke for..
I was the one drinking it.. i WAS begging her to drink some becoz i was STUFFED.. Lolz
and u noe what? she drank to sips only.. her reason:
"if i drink too much i will have 2 pee"
after the movie... she went 2 pee.. LOL!!!!!!
Amanda was laughing at the part when the witch was crying.. her laughter made me laugh..
Suan yean stared at me.. haha!!!

i really wanted to go to Prthiv's Deepavali party.. but NO.. my neighbour has this large party..
siggggghhhhhhhhssss.. Chun Kay must be having fun.... T_T

although i had cake, popcorn and coke for lunch and a few bites of rojak for dinner.. today is the happiest day for me this year.. today taught me to value my friends and bond with them..

i will never forget today~~ ^-^

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