Tuesday, October 16, 2007


wellps.. today is my birthday.. guess what my mum told me? well she said.... :
mum: well, you are 15 now..
me: O_O i'm not 15.........................
mum: yes you are....
me: *swt* nvm

No one tends 2 remember the date of my birthday for some reason...
they would probably say:
anonymous: your birthday is on 20 something of October right?
and i would be like... NO!

my Aunt gave me some of her clothes...... sighs.. i took most of the jeans...
while "ehmhemhemehmmm" took most of the tops.. hahah.. u will noe what i mean sooner or later..

to make things short...
1. I HATE ppl who brag alot.
2. the term "first come first serve" is TRUE
3. not going to celebrate my birthday becoz.. i have no time.. for the following days including tonight.

i should get me a large box where i canwrite down all of my frustrations and throw it in the box and when the box is full.. i recycle the whole box filled with every thing.. taadaaaaaah!


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