Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Stooooopid Taxi Drivers of B.T.R.

the taxi drivers in Bandar tun razak are just TOO much.. =_=
dun want to fetch me and hui yi home.. Kill all of them la.. so greeeeeeeedy for money..
they SUCK!!!! >=x

actual conversation:
Tzi: eh encik.. boleh pergi ke Bukit Segar?
taxi uncle: TAK BOLEH.. *evil grin*
Tzi: TerImA KaSih..... =_=

and then we all had to sit the train [AGAIN] to tasik selatan just to get a STINKING cab..

but thank GOD for japanese biscuits or i would have been angry forEVER..

Anisha's favorite colour.. =]
Its Aqua.. bwahahahaha
I have the custom coloured m n ms.. XD

ain't it adorable? =]


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