Friday, July 13, 2007

haha.. i'm back.. =)
so long didn type my blogg.. all because of the day 07-07-07 [so called lucky day]
since my computer mouse spoil.. i couldn type my blogg.. i learn to value the use of my mouse
i think my blog is kinda boring.. =[
coz.. if u compare mine and suet tyng's...
Her blog is 10 times better than mine.. >< style="color: rgb(51, 153, 153);font-size:130%;" >monkey
!!! lalalallala.. today was so boring coz of the dances.. Backdrop is almost done.. =) and my sister is blabbing what i'm typing.. =_= so annoying... haiz.. =[ i lost my key chain today.. it was really special.. only had it for 2 hours.. >< *sniffs* some punker stole me key chain!!!! ah well... what goes around comes around.. XD Song Lyrics made up by foo: "We are the punks We are the punkers We are the ones who makes a punker place so lets start punking" Thats all i remember.. haha!!! choir is so "tidak bersemangat" no one singing.. XD haha!!! Waltz dance had custom made shoes.. they look all so.................. pointy........ hahahahahhahah!!!!!!!! it's so U.G.L.Y. it's TRUE but the dance is nice.. XD can't continue.. my sis so annoying,, T_T -Tzi-

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