Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I just love my new blog skin.. it's just simply adorable.. haha!!
I have something to say.. get ready to hear it dudes!!
I, Tzi-Qing, am officially un-emo-fied!! haha.. if u dun get what
un-emo-fied means..
It means I am not sad anymore..
Just plain happie and hyper.. my old self..
I missed me.. Thank you Wei joe for showing me what emo was.. =)
Parent Teacher Conference was yesterday.. ><
well,, It wasn too badd.. only that my BM teacher is having my mom's number...
It's not my fault that i'm forgetful.. it's just.. ME..
I just hope my mom won't be too angry with me..
Yesterday.. i was being Blacked-mailed by my friend : Xue Fang
i threatened to black-mail her too.. =) wheeeeeeeeeeee~~

Xue Fang: Tzi-Qing.. =D Yeoh Wha~~ & Say Loong~~ nyahahahha!!! XD
Tzi-Qing: wei!!!!!!!! i dun like them lar.. they r my frens.. =_= stop it!!!
Xue Fang: Yeoh Wha!!~~~ hahaha!! i noe u like him.. x)
Tzi-Qing: wei!! if u say me again i'll.... *looks at the back* i'll.. tell the whole world u like.. Yean Nick.. bwahahahahha!! >=) [not true.. it's call black-mailing]
Xue Fang: !!! i dun like Yean Nick!! he my fren oni.. *quiet*
Tzi-Qing: ok ok.. just dun say anything bout me anymore k?? >=) or else i simply tell people that u like Yean Nick.. even if it's not true.. nyahahhahaha!! XD
Xue Fang: ........ fine lar..

Fang.. If u r reading this.. please.. stop black-mailing me... k??? or ELSE.. =D

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