Friday, July 20, 2007

hahahah!!! don't you just LOVE pon & zhi???????????
it's utterly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
but then it's REALLY emo.. =(
well anyways....... We had Concert yesterday!!! woot!!
the theme is : "Around The World with Wesleyans"

It was kewl!!!!!!! Jayson or Jason [can't remember the spelling] & Pia were the MCs..
Today there's another concert.. haiz.. haha!!!
but Anisha will be MC!!!!!!!!! Which is so kewl!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahha =x
Anyways.. the dance was awesome but my mom disliked it.. -_-
Maori Dance is......... I still don't think it can be called a dance.. they used a bath scrunchie thing
for their swirley act.. O_O
well.. not this swirley... =s

Well i really liked the ermm.... African Dance?? =D
but still.. Jun Shern Rocked the Indian Dance!!! wooot!!!!!!!
Never seen him dance like that be4.. isn't that coooooool???????
Now i wished i JOINED dance.. and when i say that i really mean it... hehe..
I , ah foo [van lynn] & ah pei [pei ji] joined Back Drop and Choir..
Too bad all of us missed the backdrop photo shoot... hahahahahaha..
yesterday choir was AWESOME!! =) too bad i haff no pic of the Choir

haha.. more ppl than this larh.. XD

well concert was still awesome.... =p there's another concert today.. Yay!
Mr Peter is coming... sweeeeeeeeeeeet.. XD
planning 2 take pictures with upper sec ppl.... =x
haha.. i noe i noe.. might be kinda weird asking them 4 a photo.. =s
i'm kinda addicted to gundam Seed sound tracks.. T_T

-addicted bunny-

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