Wednesday, June 6, 2007

::: Last day of p.h.u.k.e.t. :::

lalalalallala.. very next morning.. around 11.. we checked out of the hotel.. *sniffs*
so we went for lunch at a lagoon.. wow.. and we had one last bowl of tom yam soup.. blueks.. it was wierd...
we had the wierdest thing too..


just so wierd colour.. lol!! but it was good.. ahhahaa!!! then we sat the bus to Tesco for shopping? o_O
so i was bored while Jun Kuang and a neighbour of mine were in the arcade..
Hui Yi and i wondered around.. found Mc Donalds HAHA!!! *_*
In thailand you might find this wierd statue of Mc Donalds.. with the Thai hands which go "Sawadeeqa" ( no idea how to spell it ) I was dying to take a photo of it.. hahaha!!! so i took a foto of it.. i bought this small cup of mc flurry,, WHICH COSTS RM1.90.. it was an adorable little small cup.. AWW... Lol!!!
And we went home happily ever after.. ^^

Facts of "lady-man"
1. they dress up like girls..
2. hide in dark alleys to find men
3. has wierd tone of sound
4. when greeting them "sawadeeqa" they will reply "sawadeeha"
5. comes out at night

conclusion: boys should NEVER go to Phuket alone.. ^^

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