Sunday, June 3, 2007

:: The Chronicles of P.h.u.k.e.t. ::

As I was saying... "stomach aches" alll thx to Thai food... haiz.... never want any more to do with thailand cuisines or known as " tom yam soup".... Thailand's tom yam soup is like eating some spicy substance in water form... blueks... We went into a boat to go to P.B. Island [ not located in Phuket ] for snorkeling.. when i stepped in the boat... i felt dizzy... hahaha!!! I never and i said NEVER had sea sick before... but this time i had Sea sick.. all thx to the boat i'm in.. The boat had the wierdest smell.. and just my luck it was monsoon season... so during the journey.. sea sickness happened.. Lol!!! =D so i couldn eat properly.. the fun part of the boat was that i and hui yi with my brother Shan Berg.. went to the top of the boat for some air be4 i died of sea sickness.. had some air.. the railing was short and if u keep staring at the practically dark waves.. it's like u r falling of the boat.. Jun Kuang calls the water "Dark Water" u know.. from the movie?? According to Jun Kuang:

Jun Kuang: If u look closely at the water.. the girl from the dark water will come out and *makes ghostly sounds* XD
Me, Hui Yi and Shan Berg: *swt*

the boat was fast and when i say fast i mean really fast... whoooooooooooooooooooooooooosh.. almost slipped of the deck... O_O gave me a heart attack.. and it was drizzling too.. ahha... When we reach to the island.. i was practically like a zombie... Lol!!! ^^
ate there and couldn swim coz i was.. a zombie? =D
Hui Yi had a point...

Hui Yi: we came all the way here just to eat and swim.. haiz.....
me: O_O *felt a sudden rush of anger*

going all the way there just to eat.. it ain't worth the sea sickness.. ahhahahaha.. T_T
so along the way back to phuket.. we passed by Phi Phi island.. lalallaa.. i ate a doughnut there.. Yay!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ I love doughnuts...... hahah!! when we went back to the boat.. i decided to eat the sea sick pill offered.. DRUGS!!! >< Lol.. so i slept.. hahhha!!
That night we went walking round the Bangala Road.. shop for stuff.. people there are.. WIERD.. T_T
Example : 2 guys were like ---> "wo ai ni" to Hui Yi..
Hui YI was all.. O_O Lol.... =D

We had dinner in a simple restaurant which was famous for tom yam soup.. haiz... T_T
couldn eat much.... ahha..
Then all of a sudden.. some truck was driving over and driving with a speaker.. the speaker suddenly spat out words like ....
Tomorrow night.. tomorrow night... thai boxing... thai boxing.... at Bangala Stadium... Bangala Stadium...
tomorrow night.. tomorrow night.. and it echoed through the streets.... =D
there were like.... more the 5 trucks saying that.. it's like they are trying to brainwash you.. ahaaha!! wheeeeeeee!!

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