Monday, June 4, 2007

:::Chronicles of P.h.u.k.e.t. 2# :::

The very next day... even though still suffering from stomach aches.... i managed to have... *drum rolls* BREAKFAST!! Yay!! Lol.. then we went all the way to some where.. no idea where it was.. @_@
My dearest brother, Shan Yuan, was excited and you know why? we were going to some where like a... urrr...
a shooting range.. =D and elephant ride. Yay!! i love elephants.. =)
Jun kuang was equally excited becozz of the shooting range.. according to him.. he wanted to use a sniper..
so me, hui yi, my mom, sarah, Shan berg, my grand aunt [still kinda young] and two other ppl [my father's friends wife and daughter ] went for elephant trekking.. wheeeeeeeeeeeee~~

IT WAS FUN~~ hahahahaahahhahahhaha x) I LOVE PHUKET ELEPHANTS!!

kk.. hahaha... Jun kuang got 86% accuracy from the shooting with sniper.. SO COOOOOOL!! HAHA!!
my aunt and brother left after lunch.. then we went to the.. Cashew Nut Factory..
IT WAS so COOl... ahahaha!! they had the wierdest thing... get ready people...
shocked anyone? =D ahha.. the truth is.. it tasted quite nice.. especially when it's with ice... nyaahaahahaa.. ^^
at night we went to some restaurant for dinner.. it was nice. you should really try frying pineapples instead of bananas.. yumm!!~ =D It was nice...
my mom and aunt nikk kept saying.. i've never seen fried pineapples before with their eyes like this --> o_O

We went for another walk at Bangala road.. they wanted to go to some shopping mall.. it was LARGE.. hhaah!! But on the way.. We unlucky people.. saw what we shouldn have seen... >.< "Lady-men"!!!! TT_TT *screams of terror* there was 5 ppl.. they were surrounded with people... At 1st sight i thought they were.. gals.. but my father said.. Daddy: 他 们 不 是 女 人... 看 清 楚 一 点... 他 们 是 男 来 的!!!
translation: they are not girls... look closely.. they are guys!!!

My daddy was right.. they were men in girl clothing... creeeeeeepy.. T_T
After that sight.. the whole group was like *shivers* blyuck... Lol..
Jun Kuang: I think i'm gonna have nightmares tonight... >.< Me: *disgusted*
Hui Yi: O_O *shocked & confused* maybe.. just maybe.. they do that for a living..
Shan Berg: *extremely disgusted to the highest level*

We were all tired.. some ppl were having a foot massage... haiz.. wish i could hav a foot massage..
As we were heading back for the hotel..we passed by a cafe..
They were having some guy who was impersonating 'Elvis Presley'
that guy was quite good ya noe? ahhaa!!! He was singing this line
"you were always on my mind... you were always on my mind.. tell me.. tell me that your sweet love never died..."
It was kinda good.. =D

That night as i was about to catch some "zzZZZzzz"
Hui Yi was all:
Hui Yi: Do you think lady men pretend to be ladies for a living?
Me: I dunno.. why r u asking that..? *yawning*
Hui Yi: I can't believe this is our last night here.. i wanted to see more 'lady-man'.. ^^
Me: heh?? O_O
Hui Yi: ahhah!! XD just joking.. goood night..

And the night echoed with Elvis's old songs..

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