Saturday, June 2, 2007

::: The adventures of P.h.u.k.e.t. :::

Once upon a time.... x) hahaha.. jkjk
I know that Carmen has been waiting for like... "forever" for me to type bout my trip in phuket.... which eventually passed so quickly... T_T [4 days 3 nights f.y.i.]

Phuket is.. a DANGEROUS... and i mean DANGEROUS place for.. ehemhemhem.. *laughing* as i was saying.. for BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA~~ XD
i am not JOKING for your information.. because.. In Phuket there are like... loads of gay men.. *swt* they are known as "agua" or "lady-man" if u ask the tour guide.. >< ahaz... i'm not done laughing but still i'll carry on.. =D

We sat the plane for phuket on Wednesday around 1:45p.m. we were flying and flying and flying.. Lol... we reached phuket at 2:05 p.m. ... cool right?? sat in the plane for 20 mintutes?? O_o ahhaa.. joking joking... in Phuket.. the time is slower for like an hour.. Yay!!!!! younger for an hour.. hahaha.. XD
K.. We met our tour guide in da air port.. her name was ---> Jenni or Jenny [not sure of spelling]
we sat a bus to the so called 5 star hotel.. her English was.... broken? ><
she said "hungry" into "hungely"
and "people" into "pupil" lalalalalala......
as i was saying... we were in the bus.. Yay!!! =D but along the way
we stopped by to a near by restaurant [ which the tour guide pronounced as "reseraun" instead of restaurant..... ] it was a.. urr......... fishball restaurant i think... ate fish balls.. it was gooood~
When we actually reached the Hotel.. It looked kinda cool.. =D sorry no picture of hotel.. It's for me to know and for you to find out.. hahaha... they had this wonderfully deep swimmming pool... wheeeeeeee~~~
When me and Hui Yi went into the room... it was like..
Me: whoa... o_O
Hui Yi: coooooooooooool... XD
It was a preety nice room... =D i liked the washroom design..
we had 1 hour++ of free time.. so we spent it by watching TV...
I feel so STUPID...... haiz...... >< shud haf went for a walk outside or somethin...
That night we went to a place in phuket called "KAMALA" i was like "heh??" coz..
Mdm kamala had that name too... O_O
we went to see a show in "FantaSea" also located in Kamala..
we had buffet dinner.. i didn like it..
We went to see the show after the dinner... it was cool.. but all in thai.. Lol.. It was about a guy called "Kamala" and his Elephant.. which i 4got whats the name... =_="
i had a preety good sleep that day but woke up at 5 the next morning with stomach aches.... haiz...

To be continued dudes ::~*~::

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