Tuesday, May 29, 2007

teusday?... o_O

If you ask me what's with the title.. well i have no idea for the title so why not make one up.. LOL?
Yesterdae Jit yui came over.. Lol... Yay! end of boringness.. lalalalala.. me and my bro.. "Shan Berg" taught him how to plaay chess.. i ain't a good chess player.. didn play chess like for... forever.. =D
So here's the equation::::: Me + Jit Yui + Shan Berg= a big blast of NOISE and HYPERNESS
another equation:::: Me + Jit Yui + Shan Berg + Jit Hao + Hui Yi = the best of the best
hyperness.... and a big bag of "Wheeeeeeeee's~~" Lol.. x)

and you know what?? I actually lost to Jit Yui.. maybe i give him face la.. LOL
next time must beat him into.. PULP!!! LOL.. jkjkjkkk...
I lubs my cousins and bro
Yay!! family hugg?? =D ??
Just came back from the outdoors.. i ate this " ice blended mango" thing near Jit Yui's house.. tasted like PUDDING!!! I love Pudding.. Lol.. especially mango pudding..!!
laalaalaalaalaalaa.. next term i shallll.. do something about my marks.. Lol... =[
still afraid of failing KH , maths & Geo.. i suk at these subjects... Moral.. dun care.. =D
Lol.. i never study 4 Moral.. ><
I need a hugg.. T_T but i'm still doing fine... =D [i guess]
going to Phuket tomolo.. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~ i hope i won't get that tanned... >< O_O my feet are like white.. Lol..

I heard another Fabb song.. called "cry on my shoulder" bet u havn heard of it.. =D nyaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaa.. ^^

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