Wednesday, May 2, 2007

1st dae at "Bukit Thinggi"

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ hey eeverybodae.. LOL i'm back from da trip to Bukit Tinggi..
I went there on Monday... which is sad.. can't spend my holidays at home... haih.. but i did hav fun.. the car was practically packed.. o_O cause there were like.. 8 ppl in da car with 7 bags in it.. there was Me, Hui Yi, Sarah, Sarah's friend Eva, my Mom, my Dad, Jun Kuang, Shan Yuan.. in the car.. *Swt* we did kinda hav fun in da car.. except for driving to fetch Shan Yuan.. which was practically slow cause my Dad kinda.. got lost? my mom was blurr too.. LOL so it took us like at least 30 minutes in search of dat place.. =_=

i bought myself a bar of snickers for da trip.. In spite of that.. Jun Kuang and Hui Yi wanted to steal it.. XD He told me...
Jun Kuang: Crystal.. when you wake up.. you will find "something" missing..
Me: O_o heh??
as i was like dozzing off... guess what? Jun Kuang took it.. LOL

moving on.. as we reached there.. Jun kuang was like..
Jun Kuang: I thought we were going to Genting?? O_O
Me: We are at Bukit tinggi la... -_- did i tell you it was Genting?? o_O
Jun Kuang: ya larh.. u told me one lerh.. [malaysian slang.. LOL]
Me:oooooooooops.. my bad.. XD
Jun Kuang: awww man.. my clubs trip also coming here la.. so i'm going AGAIN.. GREAT!
as we unloaded... we were practically fascinated.. =D *tears of joy*
It was like... a little frenchy place.. my bro was all like..
Shan Yuan: I can't believe that this IS Malaysia...................... -_-
guess that he's right... XD
as we were walking around... we found da reception counter.. so we sat for a while.. while my mum took out her cell phone to give Shan Berg a call..
Mum: hello? shan berg ar.. where are you????
Shan Berg: urrr... Colmar larh... where are you??
Mum: huh??? we are at colmar tropical.................. izit here??? O_O
Shan Berg: no larh... it's da Colmar resort marh.......... why you go to colmar resort??
Mum: you sms one........ O_O
Shan Berg: ehehehe... i just sms Colmar only wor... u go wrong izit??
Mum: nvm la... will come down hiill again.. now.. *sighs*
that place was a nice and cosy place.. and he had to spoil it all by saying that we were at da wrong place.. haihz......... we were all like happy for a while till alll our hopes and dreams were crushed..... into liittle tiinny bits.. hahaha..

So we went down hill... went inside got da room keys.. got into da room .. and my mum was like..
Mum: yerr.. this place is like so......... haunted....
We were.. DISSAPOINTED... but still we had a place to sleep in..... =)
we had dinner in our room.. it was like prison.. LOL.. but it was still ok...
after that... CARMEN suddenly appeared in front of our windows.. creepy man..
she was telling us to go to room 103.. it was for da group meeting.. o_o
we spent like.. i dunno.. finding for room 103.. thank God i found my bro.. which brought us to the room.. After the group meeting.. we went back to our room to snooze in.. zzZZZzzzZZ

Hui Yi, unfortunately, woke up at 3 something due to the bed and the mosquitoes..
I woke up at 3:40 am.. LOL same reason.. we were whispering bout stuff.. tilll about 4:50 am when suddenly my sis said
We were shocked.. lol.. she immediately slept after saying that.. hahaa..

This post is like so long.. so i'm gonna continue the 'chronicles' in the next post.. XD

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