Sunday, April 8, 2007

the meaning of easter is... =p

Nothing is simple.. don't you think so?? hahaha.. 1st time blogging.. just so bored ao i think i should get me a blogg.. XD
happy easter ppl..
you know wat ppl?? easter is about the ressurection of my Saviour Jesus... NOT BOUT SOME STUPID BUNNY.. hahahaha.. XD
Still have no idea where in the world the "EASTER BUNNY" came from...
whats with da chocolate and da eggs and da jelly beans.. come on people.. *swt*
anyways... I still think that the easter bunny is a stupid idea... wonder wat they were thinking bout..
haha.. ntg to say now coz its a sunday... =)
i hope that i can actually have games tomorow in school coz ... I LOVE BASKETBALL!!! XD
hahaha.. wierd right?? k gtg now coz i am running out of ideas.. byebye.. =)

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