Monday, April 16, 2007


my reallllly good friends..... [ Anisha & Chun Kay ]
are practically fighting.... calling each other names and stuff...
kinda harsh/childish right??? =[
it hurts to see them both argueing and calling each other names...
is it that hard to FORGIVE someone??? btw... wat did Anisha do? still hav no clue.. ^_^|||
today oround 7:10 i reached class... saw Anisha and Chun Kay
before chun kay came along...
Anisha: hey tzi!!
Tzi: hey :)

practically putting my bag down when....
Chun Kay: Bitch
Anisha: Loser
[and so on... blablablabla ]
Tzi: =(

it hurts.. =[
i feel that a lot of my friends change in some way... i wish that i could just go back to last year... haih..

gymrama is making my Life worse then ever... =[
feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel soooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.............. X[
can't wait till sports day over...
Feel so annoyed with some of my friends today..

Break Time
Foo: you know wat tzi-qing?
Tzi: hmmm?? =o
Foo: this morn when you all doin gymrama.. alot of ppl imitate u guys lar...
Tzi: really ar? =(
Foo: *imitating green house gymrama* *laughs*
Tzi: *swt*
15 minutes before school ends...
Prthiv: feel so emo today...
Tzi; why??? =[ being emo ain't good...
Prthiv: I feel like i don't have any more friends...
Tzi: O_O heh?!?
Prthiv: *silent*

ppl.. if u havn notice... but.. i think Yeoh Wah is a nice guy... XD [as a friends point of view]

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