Friday, April 27, 2007


this post is partially dedicated to.. "Carmen" hahahaha... LOL.. ^_^
she and her "emo-ness" Just like me... I'm emo too!!!!~~~ wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~~
Still can't get the song " i can't hate you anymore" outta my head.. @_@
the song is just too emo.. haih... T_T
If u really wanna hear it go to my friendster profile.. wahaha... but still i think
"chasing cars" rox.. wahahahahhaa.. XD

I still hav no idea what to type about... this month is like so totally boring...
except for the fact that the only things amusing me is :
2.hui yi
3. smsing Say Loong
4. Yeoh Wah
5. some other whacky friends...
6. heroes

see how boring my life is???????????????????~~!!!
well not that borin larh... but still i... never mind.. XD

"If i lay here.. If i just lay here.. would you lie with me and just forget the world..."
I LOVE That song.. makes me feel all.. fuzzy on the inside.. XD
this morning.. exactly 00:40.................. i woke up..
thanks to the stupid thunder which was practically "BOOMING" all the way till 01:45
it was so loud that even the windows were "SHAKING"
wonder how ppl could sleep... o_O
WIERD PEOPLE.. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!~~~~
Still can't except the fact that my bro was sleeping so peacefully.. unlike me... eyes wide open... ahahahaha.....
I REALLY need to stop sms-ing... or may be i should get DiGi... hahahhahaahahahha..

P.S.: Sorry carmie.. this post is like so short larh........ ntg to say liao.....

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