Wednesday, May 18, 2011


omg.. i havn't touched this blog in ages. :)
how i missed you blogg~ :D
nyahaha. i thinks i should still blog here. cause i feels like this is my diary :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

100th post

gosh. cant believe it! :)))))))

yaaaaaaaaaaaaays <3

i've been enjoying dance, but..... yeah.
i'm just feeling really down.

what a great way to ruin a 100th post huh? :D
exams in.... 7 days?
not yet started studying. hmms.
screwwww sejarah. :(

can't have you

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


haven't been blogging in such a long time. :D

exams in 2 weeks! havn study......... ah crud... :(
too much hw. gah.

i need more lame jokes! :D

this is the reason why you're a kite stabber:


Sunday, April 18, 2010

haha! epic fail man :)

i saw this and i immediately said : ' epic fail '

HAHAHA. pikabob~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

so far.

things have been alright.
only difference is that i have not started studying.
but i've been nerding though. B)

i get sad sometimes. but not as much.
improvement~ :D

hello :) i've missed you

i got really sad when you said:
i feel like a part of my brain that tells me that i'm close to people is gone.

why? :(
sometimes i feel like coming up to you and hug you.
but it's impossible.

you wouldn't want a hug from me.
yea. i'm such a yuck. blueaeek.
why am i so anti-social. i wonder.
it's always about me huh?

this shows how many i's i use in one small post.

i'm so selfish

i wish you didn't ruin my friendship with him.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


hmm. we didn't make it to the semis,
wish we could have.. :(
we didn't try hard enough for the last game i guess *sigh*

the last game sucked.
not because we got trashed. which we did. LOL

it's because of the referees being so bias.
hey REFS Raja Abdullah friggin foul >7 times.
and you keep fouling us for everything we do.
it's not fair....
even when we got trashed right?
they friggin lanci us ok?
what happened to your MANNERS Raja Abdullah team? :O
i guess you all need I.M.L.


whatever man. we'll be the bosses next time. see ya ;)

i regret not taking a photo with the coach.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


had treasure hunt today.
my partner was Suet Tyng~
love you~ even if we didn't win
i had sooooooooo much fun with you wei :)

i will always remember today cause this year will be my last year taking part in
the MCKL treasure hunt ;)

i love the song drops of jupiter. :)
it's by Train by the way.

hah~~ <3
it reminds me alot of stuff bout my life. HAHA.
thanks for the recommendation Tesh :D

we won our first bball match.

not bad right? :)
getting prepared to lose on Monday though.
state players Kepong Baru
they even beat the state players from Singapore.
shalalallaalala O.O

did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there...?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i love wednesdays~ :D
cause i don't have extra classes or tuition. :)
gah. this week has been so busy for me. thank God i stopped guitar class.
therefore, i only have art on Monday.
ohmg lah.. i failed add math. :I
so totally not cool man.
my mum keeps nagging me. nag nag nag. my parents are too chinese i suppose. :I
i feel depressed.
because she kept nagging me i didnt have the mood at tuition. :(
i was practically staring off into space. trying hard not to tear up.
crying is not for me.
i don't cry.
i don't talk about my problems.
everybody has problems so why talk about mine? :)

then i thought about the 18th of July 2009.
i was practically running to school because i was gonna be late for concert.
i had two REALLY gigantic blisters at my heels due to those pair of shoes.
thanks shoes. :)
actually, i already had those while i was waiting for you.
do you remember me sitting at the bench waiting for you?

you said you wanted to walk around.
my feet were hurting so bad.
and again thanks shoes. :)
even though my feet were begging me to stop,
i practically walked the entire mall with you.
remember? :)

so yeah, i reached school.
took off my shoes.
thank God we were supposed to dance bare footed.
guess what? i walked home barefooted. :D

im over it.
thanks for the memories. even if they weren't so great.

MSSKL here i come. ;)